Can everyone sing?
Can I sing?

As a vocal coach, this is a question that I get asked a lot.
It shows me there are so many folks out there who really want to sing but are scared to. Scared that they are not good enough.

My answer is always; yes you can.Everyone Can Sing!

Now I am not saying that you’ll be the next Superstar staring on The Voice (although you might), but what I am saying is that you can grow, you can learn to hold a tune. You can develop your voice and make it sound nice. Maybe even great!

When students come in that sing off pitch or struggle to produce a pleasant sound, it is usually because they haven’t developed their hearing. They’re not used to linking what they hear to what they generate vocally. By training the ear, we see the voice grow. Pupils get a better sense of what they sound like and how to produce it. Often after even a handful of lessons, you can see students grow. It’s an exciting process for both the student and the teacher!

Another thing is that fear works like a self-fulfilling prophecy: When you are scared to sing, your body tenses up, your throat closes, and you don’t sound as good as you would if you were relaxed. My advice is always; let go of the fear. Believe in yourself and just enjoy the process. I realise that this is easier said than done! My aim as a teacher is to create a safe place where people feel like they can be themselves. I’d say that my students overcome their fear reasonably quickly once they just start singing. The hardest is always the first step. After that it gets easier!

Finally, there are keys to unlocking your voice by understanding how the voice works and applying vocal techniques. Your vocal coach ought to be able to teach you these things. In the beginning the learning curve can be pretty steep, but when students have regular lessons, commit to the process and practice at home, these vocal techniques become second nature and it all starts to make sense. Do not give up too soon; you will reap the fruit of your hard work in time!

If you are someone who’d love to develop your singing voice but fear is holding you back, I’d say; just book a lesson! Do it afraid and you will see that once you’ve taken that first step, you will overcome your fears.

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