Debs lessons are fun and really clear – and I’ve been able to overcome the nerves!


Deb has a very patient and understanding approach to everyone’s progress. This makes her the ideal person to learn from and I’m really happy with the progress I’ve made with her help.


I’m a bit shy, but Deb makes me feel comfortable. The lessons are fun!


Deb is very encouraging and always gives constructive feedback.


Voice lessons are really fun and have been a great help to me. They helped me thoroughly prepare for my year 12 HSC music performances. Each week I was able to work on improving my vocal solos. Singing lessons have given me the opportunity to practice and learn to control my nerves, when singing solo.

Singing lessons have also taught me the importance of technique. It has given me confidence and belief in my own unique voice. And since I’ve started lessons, I can definitely tell that my singing ability has developed further.


It just makes me happy to learn singing with Deb.


Working with Deb has given me the confidence to be the entertainer that I’ve always wanted to be.


Singing lessons are a good experience and make your day! : )


Deb is very friendly and easy going. She encourages you and always believe that you can be better. Without the pressure of not being good enough. The lessons are so enjoyable. Time pass too quickly.


I have developed more confidence and have become more excited about singing after only a few months with Deb than I have over the last decade with other teachers!!


The feedback from Deb & ‘Everyone can sing’ is excellent. I would unhesitatingly ask her again as a vocal tutor, as few people with her gift are passionate & available to train and encourage young singers.


I have learned there is so much more to singing than merely vocals. I have grown in confidence and in developing my own vocal style, as well as performance ability and songwriting.