Congratulations to Carissa for winning the grand final of ‘Take The Mic’!



Congratulations to Gembo for releasing the official music video to her own song called ‘House Away From Home’! Follow this link to watch:


Well done to all my students who sang at The Open Mic Night! I’m proud of your talent and courage, and look forward to the next concert.

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Congrats to Dylan Cartwright, one of our students, for releasing his single ‘Downbeat’ and topping the Aussi iTunes Charts! Click on the pic below to support Dylan and buy his song:


Dylan Cartwright

Congrats to Kirsty Bell, one of Everyone Can Sing’s amazing students, for WINNING the finals of Oxford Arts Festival Talent Quest!



“I have developed more confidence and have become more excited about singing after only a few months of singing lessons with ‘Everyone Can Sing’ than I have over the last decade with other teachers!!” Rowena

“The feedback from Deb & ‘Everyone Can Sing’ is excellent. I would unhesitatingly ask her again as a singing teacher, as few people with her gift are passionate and available to train and encourage young singers on how to sing.” Tanya

” I have learned there is so much more to singing than merely vocal techniques. I have grown in confidence and in developing my own vocal style, as well as performance ability and songwriting.” Micah

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EVERYONE CAN SING…and so can you! We can say that so confidently and optimistically because we are a professional and experienced singing school that is dedicated to developing singers like yourself. Whether you have a natural gift in singing and have years of experience under your belt, or you’re a beginner wanting to give singing a go- There is room for everyone to improve and grow. We are here to help you unlock your natural singing gift!

As a school we aim to provide a professional, fun and encouraging environment for our students. Our personalized singing lessons help our students build a healthy vocal technique as well as confidence & freedom to sing and perform to the best of their ability.

Most students see incredible results after just a few lessons- they can sing higher, produce a better tone and they simply have more understanding of how their voice works.

Whether you want to build a singing career, develop your voice for fun, build healthy vocal techniques or simply learn how to sing- you have come to the right place…There most certainly is room for you!


vocal techniques

Deb Pluym is a devoted singing teacher who has a bachelors in teaching and more than 20 years of singing and performing experience.

In her music career she was a successful soloist in the gospel choir ‘Inside Out’ which went on to record its own albums and perform with artists such as Diana Ross and Stevie Wonder.

Deb has also been involved in conducting, training and directing several choirs and hundreds of people for 10 years. As a choir conductor and vocalist, she has been part of many bestselling album recordings with audiences up to 20.000.

Besides Deb’s teaching and training experience she is also a passionate songwriter who offers her students a chance to develop their own songwriting skills.

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